Frequently Asked Questions

To help you decide whether cost effective email marketing is right for your organisation we have put together a selection of frequently asked questions that should answer all you need to know.

If there is anything we have missed please contact us here and we will do our utmost to answer your question as fast as possible.

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Can the email be personalised with the recipients title, first name and last name for example?


Yes, each email can be personalised with whatever information you have. For example you may wish to add Dear "Name" as the salutation as well as the recipients birthday or some other unique information within the body of the email.

Just remember that the information to personalise each email has to be held in your mailing list/database.

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What does your service include?


We design and test the email layout before sending. Once you are happy with it we send it out at a time/date of your choice and then within 7-14 days send you a detailed breakdown of its delivery along with information on opening rates, click throughs and, if applicable, forwarding details.

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I don't have a sign up/registration form on my website, can you help?


Certainly, we can set everything up and send you the code for you or your web developer on copy and paste into your website

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Can everyone receive html emails?


No, to make sure that all your recipients receive your email we automatically send out both html and plain text versions which allows the recipients email service to decide which one is most suitable for them.

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What email address is used to send out emails?


We can use whatever email address you wish so that recipients know who the broadcast is being sent from.

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How do I get any replies to the broadcast?


Any reply will come directly to you, either by the recipient hitting their "reply" button or via any reply link within the broadcast. We have no access to any reply whatsoever.

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I'm worried about breaking anti-spam regulations


That's the last thing we want for you as well, so we always add at least 2 un-subscribe links within each email as well as provide you with a "Double Opt-in" registration form for your website*

*Please note that if you collect subscribers using your own registration form we cannot be held responsible if you use a non double opt-in system.

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Can you set up autoresponders for various subjects?


Absolutely, autoresponders can be set up to be sent out at specific times after the recipient has signed up, to wish them happy birthday or to remind them that a subscription is due for renewal for example. The list of reasons to send out autoresponders is endless.

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What are bounced emails?


There are a number of reasons why an email bounces, some are called soft bounces and others are hard bounces.

Soft bounces could, for example be caused by "Out of Office" replies and hard bounces by, for example the email address no longer being in use due to the recipient leaving their place of work etc.

Whatever the reason My Choice Mailer automatically handles the bounced email and either removes it from the mailing list in the case of a hard bounce or leaves it for re-sending at a later date.

Why email broadcast?

Mail icon Email marketing is the most cost effective way of reaching your existing customers and reaching out to new customers. With printing and postage costs escallating email costs are a fraction of what you would pay to send out flyers, newsletters, sales campaigns, company and staff updates as well as many other notifications.

Mail iconEasily personalise each email that is sent out with anything from the recipients name to their birthday or whatever fields you may have for that recipient, just like mail merge in Microsoft Word.

Mail iconFull open reporting to let you know who has opened each email or link within the email and when. The My Choice Mailer system uses a double opt-in process and automatically handles all un-subscribe requests allowing you to comply with the latest anti-spam regulations

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Current Clients

Mail icon My Choice Mailer is priviledged to count many satisfied clients in our portfolio. Please click the images below to see examples of just some of our completed current and previous projects.

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