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My Choice Mailer can now handle "Split Testing" and "Triggers".

Split Testing:– Allows you to find out which of your email campaigns gives the best opening and click-thru rates. Trial several versions of your newsletter or announcement email on a proportion of your mailing list and then automatically send out the most successful version to the remaining recipients after a pre-determined length of time.

Triggers:– Never again forget clients or readers birthdays, service or subscription renewals using the triggers service. Once the information is added to the recipients details an email can automatically go out with whatever informmation you require.

Statistics:– We've created that perfect email newsletter, Announcement or Product/Sevice Promotion for you and it has been delivered to your mailing list but what then? Without knowing how many recipients had opened it or what links have been clicked how do you know how successful your broadcast has been?

That's where My Choice Mailer comes in, we will supply you with full statistics on:–

  • How many recipients opened your email

  • Which links were clicked on as well which were the most popular etc

  • How many un-subscribes were received

  • How many bounced emails occurred*

Statistics can be supplied for the period of your choice, i.e. last 7 days, last month or between custom dates of your choice.

*Emails could bounce for a number of reasons such as the email address no longer in use, the recipients inbox is full,

Google Analytics:– Should you already have a Google Analytics tracking code we can add that to your emails to allow you track your own visits, goals and conversions etc.

Auto-Responders:– To maximise the responses of your subscribers we can also set up multiple autoresponders to go out to each contact after they have first signed, after they have been with you for a specific period of time or even if they have clicked on a particular link in a prvious email.

In addition to all this My Choice Mailer automatically handles email bounces, gives recipients a one-click un-subscribe service as well as provides a "Double Opt-In" system to help you comply with the current anti-spam regulations.

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Why email broadcast?

Mail icon Email marketing is the most cost effective way of reaching your existing customers and reaching out to new customers. With printing and postage costs escallating email costs are a fraction of what you would pay to send out flyers, newsletters, sales campaigns, company and staff updates as well as many other notifications.

Mail iconEasily personalise each email that is sent out with anything from the recipients name to their birthday or whatever fields you may have for that recipient, just like mail merge in Microsoft Word.

Mail iconFull open reporting to let you know who has opened each email or link within the email and when. The My Choice Mailer system uses a double opt-in process and automatically handles all un-subscribe requests allowing you to comply with the latest anti-spam regulations

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Current Clients

Mail icon My Choice Mailer is priviledged to count many satisfied clients in our portfolio. Please click the images below to see examples of just some of our completed current and previous projects.

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